Carlo Felice is a luxury fashion brand that promotes elegant and timeless designs. We use natural fabrics which we hand-pick from best Italian manufacturers; our collections are of limited quantities, but because of that we remain focussed on delivering highest quality and attention to detail. Our mission is to offer modern women the right clothes so they can feel more confident, beautiful and empowered. Carlo Felice is not fashion or the art of creating fashion, it’s a timeless lifestyle choice.
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My name is Katherine and I am the founder of Carlo Felice.

Coming from a family of dressmaker and tailors, over time I have become a very conscious buyer, as well as developed a particular drive for quality, simplicity as well as timeless elegance.

Carlo Felice is a response to today’s fashion culture, where all is driven by ever-changing trends; our vision is to create timeless pieces that stand the test of time, make our clients feel confident, comfortable and empowered.

That is why we only work with generational craftsmen and top Italian suppliers and manufacturers who care about our values and share the traditional approach to dressmaking and understand modern clients’ needs.

“Carlo Felice woman remains unconventional. She surpasses time by living in the moment, and that is how she creates a sturdy world of tomorrow.”
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Carlo Felice stands for timeless lifestyle fashion and the use of natural and luxurious fabrics.
Our silk, natural leather, organic cotton, wool, linen, and other come from top Italian manufacturers and our garments are made with purpose, care and attention to detail. Above all, we also live and breathe the three fundamental core values: quality, transparency and responsibility.


We keep a close eye on the production process and make sure the ready products go through careful quality control inspections.
You can trust the label; if it says 100% silk you can be reasurred it is 100% natural silk made in Italy.
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Our values
Quality     Transparency     Responsibility

Our Values





It starts with the fabric: tried and tested on our own skin. We visit our Italian suppliers regularly to handpick the fabrics and guarantee supreme quality.
Our collections may be of limited stock, but never of limited attention to detail or rushed through the process of making. Quality will never go out of fashion, and that is what we believe in.


No grey areas here. If it does not sound right, it probably isn’t, and that is Carlo Felice philosophy. This applies to how we choose our fabrics, how we produce our clothes, how we work with our manufacturers and suppliers, or how we market our collections. The information we provide is factual and to the best of our knowledge. We are transparent in what we do and how we do it, so our client can trust the brand. In that sense- we remain traditional.


We create with purpose and remain aware of the footprint left on the environment.
Responsibility also applies to our corporate culture, where we embrace both success and failure, striving to constantly improve, both as individuals, as well as a brand.

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