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Although Katherine and Tom started their journey together as partners in life over 20 years ago, it wasn’t until 2015 that Carlo Felice brand was born inspired by the influence of a beautiful Mediterranean island – Sardinia.

With extensive banking, customer service and supply chain delivery experience under their belt, they began their quest of creating clothes that promote self-confidence, inner strength, and happiness. Today Carlo Felice brand is wholeheartedly focussed on delivering ultimate quality and creating with passion and purpose.

Here at Carlo Felice we believe that all the clothes women wear should make them feel significant, special, confident, comfortable, beautiful, and ultimately- happy. That is why we carefully design all our collections in house, we regularly travel to Italy to visit top fabric and accessories manufacturers and handpick the materials ourselves, as well as monitor the production process very closely to ensure highest standards of the finished products we ultimately bring to our clients.

Our mission and goal is to help women build self-confidence and self-awareness of one’s real purpose and connect with an audience of same-minded Carlo Felice women.

Above all, we believe that Carlo Felice is not just fashion, it’s a timeless lifestyle choice.

‘’Io sono Carlo Felice. I am Carlo Felice.
Carlo Felice woman remains unconventional regardless of the ever changing fashion and social trends; She surpasses time by living in the moment and that is how she creates a sturdy world of tomorrow.’’

We pride ourselves by living and breathing the three fundamental values that determine the world of Carlo Felice. Our values are: Quality, Transparency and Responsibility.

Our values
Quality     Transparency     Responsibility

Our Values





It starts with the fabric: tried and tested on our own skin. We visit our Italian suppliers regularly to handpick the fabrics and guarantee supreme quality.
Our collections may be of limited stock, but never of limited attention to detail or rushed through the process of making. Quality will never go out of fashion, and that is what we believe in.


No grey areas here. If it does not sound right, it probably isn’t, and that is Carlo Felice philosophy. This applies to how we choose our fabrics, how we produce our clothes, how we work with our manufacturers and suppliers, or how we market our collections. The information we provide is factual and to the best of our knowledge. We are transparent in what we do and how we do it, so our client can trust the brand. In that sense- we remain traditional.


We create with purpose and remain aware of the footprint left on the environment.
Responsibility also applies to our corporate culture, where we embrace both success and failure, striving to constantly improve, both as individuals, as well as a brand.

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