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Today I wanted to share how we go the extra mile in order to find and deliver best quality fabrics for our Carlo Felice collections.


As I mentioned before, we hand-pick the fabrics, and we do that by visiting our suppliers in Milan and Como in person, so we can approve highest quality and best prices for you.


I will never forget our first visit to Milan and Como- two totally different locations, equally beautiful and intriguing in their own way. I remember landing in Milan I described it as ‘‘organised Italian chaos” (in the best possible meaning:) ) as it was so fast-paced, loud and vibrant that I was barely catching up with the comprehension of that incredible experience.  You are probably aware of the famous Italian expression: dolce far ninete? Believe, that’s not how I would describe Milan when we first landed there 🙂 Now, we just love coming back, it feels like home, in many ways….


Screen Shot 2017 06 27 At 13.03.31, , Carlo Felice in Milan!,


The city is busy, but it has its serene spots. We loved it how the locals socialised whilst sitting in local parks, playing cards, placing bets on football, or how others turned to exercising and jogging, before attending their favourite local restaurant for dinner. 


It is really incredible how cosmopolitan Milan is, and at the same time how effortless it is to ease into the daily-life of the locals.


Screen Shot 2017 06 27 At 13.03.53, , Carlo Felice in Milan!, , Carlo Felice in Milan!,


In Como, it took us a good fifteen visits to local fabric and silk factories before we actually decided to buy a sample batch from one. Fortunately, the long search paid off as that particular supplier has prevailed our highest quality and most reliable partner up until now. We never wanted to compromise on quality of the fabrics, so we kept on searching, till we found exactly what we were looking for!


, Carlo Felice in Milan!, Screen Shot 2017 06 27 At 13.04.31, , Carlo Felice in Milan!,


But all the hard work, hours of searching and driving from a factory to a factory finally bears fruit when we find such treasures as the one in the picture below. You will soon be able to watch our quick video of a blouse made of that particular silk. The quality is stunning, so don’t miss our next blog!


Screen Shot 2017 06 27 At 13.05.01,


Stay tuned, exciting updates coming soon!

Check out our store now!


Until next time- Aloha! and lots of Love from Carlo Felice!




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