Dear Clients, Dear Followers!

I am growing with gratitude for this passing year; when we started discussions over Carlo Felice back in 2015, little did we expect that the company, the brand and our vision can travel this far. Although we have only just launched our first collection available now via our online store and the app (massive fan of our new app!) there is plenty to be thankful for in 2016, as well as plenty to look out for in the coming 2017 for us and the newly established brand.

At the very beginning of 2017, I would like to take an opportunity and reflect on what went well, in 2016, in my opinion, where we will focus our attention a bit more in the New Year.

So what I think went well in 2016?

Our values did not fail us.

Looking back at 2016, I could not stress more that we focus on our values first and foremost: quality, transparency and responsibility. And I am proud to say we never even came close to compromising either of them; we prematurely compromised many relationships we were trying to establish, but when we realised that the three will not be our bonding strengths, we quickly re-grouped and stepped away from those ”opportunities.”

Some of our long-awaited products now come a bit later than anticipated, some others are still in production, however, we made the decisions to fall behind the deadline we set ourselves, rather than compromise the brand’s values and our mission. This makes me even happier to say that we will continue to deliver only best quality items, and work with best quality suppliers and manufacturers in the coming year.

Putting those buzzwords together:
Diversity, teamwork and transparent communication.

They may seem such buzzwords, but what difference do they make in day-to-day business. We never failed to believe that innovation comes from diversity, quality and efficiency from teamwork, communication just makes it all happen;

We have pushed our boundaries this year, and we challenged others, but we have always been aware that Carlo Felice is a creation of a team- (even teams) work, teams comprising of excellent people, who love their work, who are great experts and who are on a real mission to pursue perfection. Thank you! This relates to our friends, our suppliers, our manufacturers, and most of all – you, our clients, helping us with constructive feedback, allowing us to learn and grow from strength to strength.

So what did not go so well?

We failed to deliver within the timescales we set for ourselves. But we failed because we set the benchmark so high, as if we had been on the market and had the resources of a well-established company… which we are not. We are a start-up, and we learn by failing. And because of that I am proud of our failures, as they got us where we are now, here, online, thinking of our first pop-up store so we can bring our offering to YOU in other means, not only online. And we will continue to fail in 2017, cause we want to learn and grow, and without the failure, there can be no progress, without failure, there is no innovation or creative thinking.

Secondly, perhaps we could have listened to our intuition a bit more. You know what they say: ‘’if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.’’ and I can already think of a few instances, when we thought: ”hmm, perhaps that’s how it works. Perhaps it’s our lack of experience or… ” nope! When it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right, don’t try to make it right. And this is my promise for 2017 – when it’s not right, it’s not gonna be there. We allow significant time for deciding over particular pieces in our collections, we don’t want to waste either time nor energy for something that we are not passionate about, or something we do not wholeheartedly believe in.


Although the journey of Carlo Felice brand has only begun, we have already learned 1,000s of lessons, but that’s what keeps us even more motivated in pursuing the growth, development and productive dialogue wih our clients and suppliers. There are 1,000s of new lessons waiting in 2017 and we can’t wait to grab those opportunities!

To ALL who has supported us in 2016, and to those who are yet to discover Carlo Felice 2017 – have a hell of a celebration passing into 2017, but most of all – thank you ALL for brining Carlo Felice to life!

Check out our store now!

From nature with love…


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