As the long hot summer days start getting shorter and shorter, that is when you start to realise new season is coming; The new and change do come not only in nature, but also relates to stages and chapters of our life, career, business, and of course- ever changing trends in fashion.

Change, they say, is the only thing you can be sure of.

September and October are always very busy months for us here at Carlo Felice: we work flat-out on delivering the new season collection, travel across Europe and, of course Italy, visiting old and new suppliers and attending fashion shows to find best quality fabrics and accessories for our garments, as well as to see what is hot and stylish in the coming season, as well as lining up the business strategy for the year to come. As it happened, that September in 2017 we were in Milan discussing new ideas for the first editorial campaign, when it came to us as a blessing when the talented journalist, photographer and style editor Carla Cuenca Cortés reached out to us asking if we would be interested in collaborating. Having taken a quick glimpse at her work, we were beyond excited to start the work as soon as possible. Carla’s work is very much focussed on capturing the soft tones and deep connection with mesmerising blue sky and sea, soft golden sand, and dreamy white buildings of the Mediterranean. We could have not fund a better match for the upcoming campaign. We decided to shoot our spring campaign in Barcelona in January 2018, however, rather than focussing on the beauty of the city itself, we wanted to take it away and focus on the aspects of nature and timelessness of our collections. That is how ‘’Natural. Timeless. Carlo Felice’’ came to life.

Did we achieve the desired objective? Please be our judge!


Carlo Felice Zebra printed silk shirt








Photos and styling by Carla Cuenca Cortés. Visit her Instagram account at @carlacuencecortes and her website at http://www.eresarte.es/ ‘’Natural. Timeless. Carlo Felice.’’ Collection by Carlo Felice for spring/summer 2018.

CF 2018©





Carlo Felice silk linen kimono resortwear

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